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Dont Buy It, Take Action

Pink Salt Worldwide has been the most favored and trusted resource for every pink salt maker out there. The recent article written by Patrick Riddle, CEO of Salts Worldwide, you would think that they have only one thing in common with a slogan, Salts Worldwide. Im not buying it, Patrick has said in his article and asked some very good questions that you should be asking as well.

I was pleased to read the Salts Worldwide article where Patrick speaks up, yet a little taken aback at the anger that was evident on his lips. But, Ill tell you, he has something to say that can be taken all the way to the Bankruptcy Court. You can take this all the way to the Bankruptcy Court, Mr. Patrick.

Pink Salt Worldwide is not just an article to increase sales. In fact, in one of their articles, they talk about how you can always give the money back if you are not satisfied. Apparently, the management of Salts Worldwide does not have an account with credit cards that you can use to pay off your debt.

Not only does Pink Salt Worldwide try to be a marketing service, but they do not even care that they are not giving you the answer to your question. They will actually instruct you not to look into a solution that will allow you to get out of debt, yet tell you that you need to look for other pink salt solutions. Why does that make any sense? Lets take a look at why you cant trust them.

Their solutions are based upon profits, not on helping you become debt free. The math that you do is based upon what they can earn from you through their membership service. The answer is that these services cost money. They do not help you in debt reduction, they take money from you and then just ask you to purchase the next membership program.

Pink Salt Worldwide is not about the user, they are about the organization. They are not about you, the customer. If you are interested in information on a solution that can help you get out of debt, then you are directed to a solution that will be bought and paid for by the company. You are told to buy and pay for products and services before you can have one. Its a bait and switch.

The whole idea of Pink Salt Worldwide is to sell and sell, without ever considering the customer. Instead, they want you to purchase more products and services and at a higher price. The only thing you will receive is their solutions.

Dont fall for Pink Salt Worldwide, dont give them your money, or worse, dont give them your life. You can keep the money you are going to spend and you dont have to buy the product anymore.

Now that you have been told that you cant do anything about your debt, the message is clear, keep the money you are going to spend and start looking for solutions that will help you eliminate your debt. Once you have done that, you can be happy that you are no longer in debt, you will find answers to the questions you have.

While you are thinking about solutions, you might as well ask yourself what you will do when you realize that Pink Salt Worldwide is not the answer to your question. You are still the customer and they are the ones that will receive money from you. All you have to do is spend the money that you are going to spend on pink salt solutions and look for a solution that will help you stop your debt.

One thing that is for sure, if you are unsatisfied with Pink Salt Worldwide, youare going to need to take action. Stop paying for more and pay for less. Start looking for solutions that can help you get out of debt today. You will know what you are doing when you do.