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Organic Iodine Salt – Taste Good and Still Help You Get the Same Health Benefits As Standard Table Salt

If youre looking for a product to replace conventional salt, consider using organic iodine salt. Many physicians prescribe the use of iodized salt because it has been scientifically proven to help keep your blood levels of potassium, sodium and chloride in balance. As an ingredient, however, sodium in salt may be difficult to digest. When you add some organic iodine to your table salt, youre adding a product that offers the benefits of the sea, without all of the salt.

You may wonder if your favorite brands contain any sea salt at all. According to Natural News, the actual composition of some processed, preservative-laden sea salts is below the WHO (World Health Organization) tolerable daily intake (TDI) (Tolerable is the lowest amount of a substance that a person can safely consume over a 24-hour period.) As such, they are not considered real sea salt, which is considered the standard of purity in the food industry. In some cases, the sea salt that is used is processed and mixed with other chemical additives and has no real nutrients. Such salt may be substituted with organic iodine salt and still maintain the same nutritional value as other sea salts.

Its true that the amount of sea salt used to make this product is extremely small. The ingredients are sourced from the sea and thus there is no excess of sodium, added color, unnatural chemicals or man-made additives.

Much of the food industry is aware of the potential health benefits of iodine. As a mineral, iodine can promote healthy skin, hair and nails. When consumed, it helps to regulate the thyroid gland and decrease the occurrence of hypothyroidism. In addition, iodine deficiency can cause skin problems such as dryness, itching and scaly skin.

Many consumers, though, are resistant to the idea of using iodized salt because of the potential damage it can do to the environment. As organic iodine salt contains none of the artificial additives and contains plenty of potassium, it can be used in the kitchen without worrying about harming the environment.

As I mentioned above, organic iodine salt is produced with natural salt. This means that the iodized salt is also a safe alternative to standard table salt, making it a perfect addition to any household.

In addition to being used in homes, it is used in hospitals, restaurants, schools and food processing plants, helping to combat iodine deficiency among children. It also has an excellent taste, so it is a great addition to adding variety to recipes.

In order to experience the specific benefits of this product, though, you will need to purchase some organic iodine salt. Fortunately, many stores offer it online, and you can save some money by purchasing a larger bag than you would for home use.

Before you head out to buy, though, make sure that you buy some test results and other information to see how the product reacts with your body. You dont want to purchase the wrong product, but also dont want to use the wrong product.

To further safeguard against contamination, you may want to buy some salted water, along with the iodine salt. You can use it just like the normal salt, or mix it with it to make your own homemade mixture. The choice is yours.

And remember that while the iodized salt may taste good, it is not as healthy as organic iodine salt. If you want to use something that is naturally healthy, youll want to take a look at organic iodine salt instead.