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Can You Eat Non Kosher Salt?

Non kosher salt is a common ingredient in many baked goods, soups and salad dressings. In the most recent years this ingredient has risen in popularity, due to the link with health issues. The use of non kosher salt, even in small amounts, can be a cause for concern, when used to make food.

Salts Worldwide is a company that manufactures a line of commercial salt products, including both kosher and non kosher salts. Since Salts Worldwide is a privately held company, their packaging and labels are not made public.

Salts Worldwide claims on their website that they have worked with the FDA and American Heart Association. In fact, their website states, For over thirty years, we have been providing kosher certified kosher sea salt to kosher facilities and food companies worldwide. We have worked very hard to develop Salts Worldwide Salt products which meet the needs of our customers, and are safe and healthy for the foods they make.

When asked if the salt they use in their products is kosher, they declined to answer this question. However, they did provide us with one document: a 2020 letter from the New York State Division of Consumer Affairs that confirms the companys commitment to the standards of kosher certification. It was presented to Salts Worldwide as a record of the companys good standing. They have also received accreditation from the American Kahanist Rabbinical Council, which is an organization of Orthodox rabbis.

Salts Worldwide also provided us with a recent update on its production, which stated that all salt is certified Kosher. However, they do test for nickel content and other impurities, to determine if they qualify for that designation.

At the same time, their site says that the kosher salt Salts Worldwide sells to people, is still not Kosher. So, unless a Kosher companyindicates on their packaging or label that the product is Kosher, you should not eat it. Salts Worldwide also offers kosher branded table salt. This item is certified Kosher, and since the table salt is certified Kosher, you can use it in your Kosher meal.

It is possible that Salts Worldwides Kosher certified kosher table salt is not as pure as other kosher table salt, and may contain trace amounts of nickel, which is an unwanted byproduct of the refining process. Again, you should be careful to read the label, because some table salt can be Kosher with trace nickel and still be unsafe for consumption.

There are many online sites that sell Salts Worldwide products, but they are not all certified Kosher, nor are they all non-kosher. Salts Worldwide makes products in many countries, but the majority of the products are manufactured in Israel.

In response to a question on their website, the company stated, We are aware of the wide range of controversies surrounding non kosher salt. Salts Worldwide does not use any non kosher salt in any of our products, no matter what the packaging says.

Many people believe that salt is only kosher if it is labeled Koshernon-kosher. However, we at Salts Worldwide only offer Kosher certified table salt in all our products and you should always read the label, because not all table salt is Kosher, no matter how it is labeled.

If you want to purchase Salts Worldwide table salt, you should be sure to look for kosher labeled salt, because the salt is Kosher. And, the kosher table salt should not contain nickel or other impurities.

You should also look for Kosher certified table salt and only buy that type. The table salt is Kosher, and you can use it in your Koshermeal.