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Kosher Salt – A Fake and So Low in Iodine

You might be surprised to learn that your Kosher Salt has iodine. Iodine is an essential mineral for many body functions, especially thyroid function. Its not common knowledge that some of the salts you buy in stores are actually a hoax! Iodine that is mined in other countries doesnt belong to that country or region.

Some of the countries that dont have any iodine include Russia, Finland, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Albania, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, China, Mongolia, Nepal, and Mongolia. Turkey, on the other hand, does have iodine, but the iodine isnt as pure as we receive in the US and Canada. It is one of the primary minerals in Kosher Salt.

Some of the countries that dont have any extra iodine include Australia, Austria, Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand, and South Africa. Its not just Japan that doesnt have iodine. Many countries that are not good sources for iodine include Canada, Philippines, Kenya, Ghana, Vietnam, Turkey, Malaysia, Angola, Zambia, Uganda, and others. Those that do have iodine include Iceland, Australia, Chile, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Belgium, South Africa, and some people believe that Norway does have iodine.

Iodine is also known as Iodized Saltsea salt. Its not a fake and its not a fraud, because it is absolutely made from salt that has been mined and processed by the hands of professionals. There are several forms of this salt including Kosher Table Salt, Morton Salt, Vegetable Oil Extraction, Organic Sea Salt, and more.

When you purchase Kosher Salt, or other salts for that matter, you should consider the fact that the iodine you are buying is mined and processed in another country. This is to ensure that the salt youre purchasing is made from Kosher Salt. However, the other countries that dont have iodine dont know this.

Why would they? Why would they pay a lot of money to get less iodine than theyre actually entitled to? The answer is they dont want to lose their business.

Unfortunately, in their quest to get rid of iodine, the governments of many countries have banned iodine for commercial production. This means that many people who purchase iodized salt have no choice but to live with the truth, that they wont get all the iodine that they deserve. The truth is that iodine is necessary for our thyroid function, and that deficiency can cause a variety of health problems including memory loss, poor growth, slowed mental development, chronic fatigue, and more. Experts believe that we only need about fifteen milligrams of iodine a day for optimal thyroid function.

In countries that dont have iodine, they continue to produce the salt, but because iodine doesnt exist in the countries where iodine is used for other purposes, people who do have iodine find that the salt theyre buying is so less than theyre entitled to. This causes iodine-deficient iodine levels to rise, and this can cause serious health problems. And for the rest of us, when we realize that the salt were buying is fake, were faced with the decision of either staying with the sham salt, or looking for something better.

Instead of continuing to rely on iodine mined in other countries, why not use iodized salt. It is harvested using processes that maintain the best quality of the salt and it is manufactured in the US, which means that it will be authentic and you will receive the best value for your dollar.

You may think that you dont have to pay that much for iodized salt, but you might want to think again. Iodized salt is so widely available in the US that if you compare the price of the real stuff to the cost of the fake, you can save yourself a lot of money!

Now is the time for you to shop around for the best value and make the choice to have real and good iodine for your thyroid. your health. because the last thing you want is to suffer with an iodine deficiency.