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Himalayan Pink – An Essential Oil That Can Soothe Your Skin

A beautiful and appealing fragrance that is an exclusive component of Mens Shampoos and Lotions, Himalayan Pink is a certified skin caring essential oil extracted from rare Himalayan Pearls. Its pleasant aromas have long been associated with the realm of Chinese medicine as a remedy for skin care, and it is the result of more than two decades of research into the secrets of this remarkable flower.

Himalayan Pink comes from the tiny, snow-white flowers that grow in the Himalayan Mountains, and each bloom contains approximately twenty million petals. When compared to the number of petals in a single rose or a single doe, this is an enormously dense concentration of antioxidants and healing compounds.

Though relatively new to the world of science, the discovery of Himalayan Pink has resulted in many studies and numerous breakthroughs, which have helped scientists to understand what makes this essential oil a healthful plant. They have discovered that when this flower is cut, all of its layers of protective sheath fall off, releasing the potent chemical compound, kaempferol. This high potency antioxidant goes through a series of reaction processes with various elements to produce a skin-soothing aroma.

Pure Himalayan Pink is a specific, distilled extract from a single bloom. It may not be the most economical choice, but it is certainly an exceptional ingredient for the skin care industry.

Himalayan Pink has shown itself to be much more effective than other manual, or Manuka honey products. For one thing, Manuka Honey contains substances that are known to be detrimental to the health of the skin, including alcohol, ammonia, and vitamins A, B, C, and E.

These substances are not naturally found in Manuka Honey and may have adverse effects on the body. In addition, because it contains caffeine, which is extremely harmful to the skin, Himalayan Pink has had alot of research done on it and proven that it is a better alternative than the other precious ingredients.

If youre tired of using a product that contains a dangerous amount of caffeine in the form of Manuka Honey, then it may be time to give Himalayan Pink a try. Youll find that no matter what your skin type is, the benefits of this truly amazing oil are hard to ignore.

There are quite a few things to know about Himalayan Pink, starting with what the name itself implies. A very specific variety of the Himalayan Pink flower, it is prized for its sweet, full aroma. It comes from a small, cool mountain valley where the flower is harvested, and is therefore much rarer than most other varieties.

Unfortunately, there is little guarantee that youll receive a pure, authentic Himalayan Pink. It is a dye color for the rest of the plant, and because of the complex nature of the growth process, a counterfeit will have the same scent and characteristics as the genuine product.

A pure Himalayan Pink that contains a pearl blend of essential oils makes for an exceptionally pleasing fragrance. Its not at all uncommon for a manufacturer to add a pinch of bleach to the concentrate to make it more marketable, but by combining it with a genuine Pearl Blend of Composition, you will experience the best of both worlds.

With the exception of the negative effects of caffeine, there really isnt anything to fear with Himalayan Pink. When used as a skin care product, it will help your skin look radiant and young, and even reduce your tendency to develop and become more sensitive to certain types of sun damage.

If youre looking for a pure skin cream that is both affordable and easy to use, then it may be worth considering Himalayan Pink. There are literally hundreds of different choices available, but only a few that offer the benefits of real Pearl Blend of Composition, so use caution before you make a decision.