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Does Himalayan Salt Expire?

While searching for the perfect salting system, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Heres how to find the perfect product.

In the UK, the FSA has evaluated salt used by British Retailers and the Association of the British Kitchen & Restaurant (ABK) has provided a list of the salts that should not be used by restaurants. The manufacturers of the salting systems have responded to the criticism and will now offer certification to their products. The ABK has been working with them to provide a complete solution to the problems of salt used by restaurant owners.

The salting systems will use sea salt, which is considered to be the most pure salt used by manufacturers. Sodium nitrate is another type of salt used in salt systems that will expire sooner. It is a highly combustible substance that is also high in moisture. It has a distinct smell and needs to be ground up to be used.

Sodium chloride has an unpleasant earthy taste and is not suitable for general use. It is also unstable and deteriorates very quickly. By comparison, sea salt has a long shelf life and it is environmentally friendly.

For years, the manufacturers of salting systems have been trying to convince consumers that sea salt is safe. You may recall the words halitefalsified on their labels. These are misleading and, if you are in doubt about the origins of the salt, its a good idea to check with your retailer.

In addition to the ABK and FSA, there are other salt authorities in other countries that are issuing different standards of salts worldwide. This is especially true of those countries that do not use sea salt as a standard. It is the responsibility of retailers to be familiar with these products and find out if they expire in a reasonable time.

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on which type of salt worldwide you want to buy. Here are the key points to bear in mind.

If the salt has a distinctive taste from the salts used in the U.K., it will probably be produced in a salty country. You can check this with the ABK or the FSSAI website.

Most salt companies will check your salt to see if it expires within a year. If the salt has no expiration date, there is no reason for them to offer the customer a refund. However, if the salt has an expiry date, the company will normally charge a small handling fee.

After the salt has been processed, it must be inspected and validated before being used in a food preparation process. This inspection is essential as many salting systems are mislabelled and therefore contain a lot of salt.

A reputable salt company will always advise you on your choice and explain the implications of using their products. Take the time to choose a reputable brand of salt and youll never have to worry about a product expiring.