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Dead Sea Salt Scrub For Psoriasis

Dead Sea Salt Scrub for Psoriasis is a recent medical revelation that has proven to be a life-changing discovery for the millions of people suffering from this terrible skin condition. This breakthrough in holistic medicine is the product of extensive research done by Dr. Marilyn Robbins in Peru.

In all her research, she has uncovered exactly why people with psoriasis react so violently to standard creams and lotions. She has found out what causes skin cells to become allergic to ordinary ingredients in your favorite lotions and creams.

The first thing she has discovered is that many of the common and traditional formulas that you use on your psoriasis has chemicals that are harmful to your skin. These chemicals include the preservatives, fragrances, colourings, and the artificial sweeteners found in almost all mass produced skin products.

The Dead Sea Salt Scrub for Psoriasis is an effective, herbal blend of 100% pure active Manuka honey, Shea butter, and natural minerals and salts. Each ingredient helps to restore your skins naturally alkaline pH balance, which is essential to the healing process of psoriasis.

Psoriasis often comes on suddenly and without warning, and takes place as the result of a chemical imbalance in your body. This imbalance is the result of an imbalance in the production of keratin (the protein in your skin, which gives it its smooth, wrinkled texture) and sebum (the substance that fills up pores and causes inflammation).

That is why Dead Sea Salt Scrub for Psoriasis works so well – because it unclogs pores and helps to reduce inflammation. This allows the nutrients from the sea salts to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, where they can be used by the body to heal. Since Dead Sea Salt Scrub for Psoriasis uses a combination of natural, organic ingredients, you are assured that you are using only the best and most effective ingredients available. These are the same ingredients found in your own skin – Manuka honey, Shea butter, and Salvia officinalis, or S.A. – a plant extract that is known to increase the volume of blood in the scalp.

The Dead Sea Salt Scrub for Psoriasis also contains the same chemicals and other substances that cause irritation, causing additional itchiness and redness. The ingredients that are used in this formula help to restore the skins natural balance, so there are no adverse side effects.

After using this Dead Sea Salt Scrub for Psoriasis for a few days, I saw a significant improvement in my psoriasis. After four weeks of daily use, I saw a marked improvement in the redness, swelling, itching, and scabbing.

While I cant vouch for the efficacy of any other brand of Dead Sea Salt Scrub for Psoriasis, the results have been remarkable for me. It was effective for treating my psoriasis, and I am pleased to recommend it to others.

If you suffer from psoriasis, then Dead Sea Salt Scrub for Psoriasis is the right choice for you. It helps to restore your skins natural balance, and provides a powerful natural remedy for your psoriasis.