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What is the Best Salt For Your Health?

The question has to be asked, what is the best salt for your health? There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the best salt for your health. The one that really matters is your general health.

Choosing the best salt for your health is not about the minerals it contains. The problem begins with the fact that some salts have a low sodium content. While a healthy diet and lifestyle will still benefit from the ability to lose extra weight, the lack of a solid source of sodium can limit your ability to take on more foods high in sodium and salt.

Common choices for this concern include Himalayan, sea, blue, or kosher. In the US, the average person takes in nearly 150 grams of sodium a day, and most salts fall below 150 mg. To find the best salt for your health, avoid all the common choices for sodium like table salt. The same can be said for the salt used for sauces or even to add flavor to a grilled meat dish.

This concern is more focused on the sodium content. Salt that is iodized will be considered lower sodium and may be preferred by many who wish to decrease their daily sodium intake. Salt that is fully iodized is even lower in sodium.

The FDA mandates that all salt should be labeled as a low sodium salt. The real test is not the label itself, but the water the salt gets to be included in the product.

These standards for salt do not apply to the typical grocery store recipe, where whole grain flours are in abundance. Generally speaking, these products are not going to provide a good replacement for the real thing, and may actually cause harm instead of helping.

One reason you want to avoid processed salts is because they contain chemicals such as potassium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, or potassium iodide, that may be harmful for your health. These chemicals can interfere with thyroid function and other body functions and can lead to kidney damage.

Those without access to a supply of natural salt can go with ground or peeled unrefined sea salt. Youll see that there are even some sea salts that have been removed from the sea by chemical agents. So while these do not carry the same benefits as freshly grated sea salt, they are a healthier alternative.

There are also magnesium chloride and calcium chloride salts to consider, which can be found in regular granulated form. Other salts that have been tested and found to contain vitamins and minerals include:

Be sure that you are choosing a product that is full of proteins, nutrients, and trace minerals. In addition, consider that the most beneficial food for your health is one that has been chosen based on a number of different factors.

Remember, the best salt for your health will help your body to benefit from the right food. Always consider the safety of any new food you are considering eating and choose the salt that is best for your health and your body.