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Why Kosher Salt and Table Salt?

Ive been asked several times how much to use of kosher salt and table salt, and finally I decided to write about the topic. We all have different taste preferences.

There are foods were going to eat that will have to use more salt than others. A few examples are: popcorn, seasoned meat and seafood. In some cases there are health benefits, such as the use of high doses of iodized salt in the past.

Even though it was no longer sold in stores today, I still use a lot of table salt and a little salt in my coffee or tea. Salt is a necessary ingredient in almost everything we eat. It doesnt matter if its pizza, salty chips, pretzels, beef or fish, bacon, salami, mushrooms, pizza dough, nuts and even your breakfast cereal. No matter what food we eat, we have to use salt to achieve the right flavor.

There are people who think that using table salt and kosher salt will be detrimental to their health. I cant argue with them on that. But this is a complete fallacy. There are many other things that salt does, other than getting the taste you want.

First of all, salt keeps you feeling fuller for longer. We usually get full by eating just a little bit. Its not wise to over-fill our stomachs so quickly that well never be able to eat another bite. Instead, salt raises the amount of calories that enter our bodies. This is healthy because it keeps us from over-eating and prevents us from developing health problems.

Salt also helps your arteries stay healthier. When it comes to arteries, your arteries dont close when you take too much of anything. Youll notice this if youve ever had heart palpitations when driving. Salt lowers blood pressure and relieves stress. And, its proven to help prevent atherosclerosis.

Salt helps your body to release chemicals that make it easier for you to feel better. If youre not feeling better, you could be doing something wrong. You should try a little salt on your salad, and even try it in the shower water.

Even if you dont drink water, you should be taking in enough salt to reduce your bad taste buds. Youll notice that your taste buds only taste salty after you take too much. You might also notice that you develop taste buds that taste bad for the future.

Salt also kills bacteria and viruses that cause disease. If you keep yourself clean, youll be able to fight off bacteria that causes food poisoning. Dont forget that as much as you might not want to have food poisoning, it can happen and it can be life threatening. So, its best to protect yourself as best you can.

Even though table salt is needed to keep your family healthy, its not enough. Too much salt can be harmful, too. The body tends to produce extra mucus, and this creates a lower level of acidity in the system. It will also increase the likelihood of making your stomach ache, which means youll gain weight and youll probably be grumpy.

Salt is also an antibacterial agent, and it can kill a variety of germs. Think of how many times you have washed your hands, and you know the germs and bacteria are still there.

In conclusion, I want to mention the need for kosher salt, not just table salt. This is important.