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Kosher for Passover and How to Prepare Kosher for Passover Items With Salt Kosher for Passover by Anthony Bourdain

If you are looking for a Kosher for Passover preparation recipe, this is one of the best books you can buy. This book is filled with recipes for snacks, appetizers, soups, main dishes, desserts, and specialties that any Passover cook will enjoy. I used this book to prepare for my Passover family and I am pleased with the great results.

I read reviews before purchasing Salt Kosher For Passover and was glad to find a positive review of this cookbook. It did not disappoint!

Recipes include Chicken Fried Meats, Salads, Fruits and Vegetables, Recipes for Eggs, Pasta, and more. Youll find Kosher for Passover appetizers, desserts, main dishes, salt and pepper spreads, and snacks.

On every page you will find the name of the salt (I love that! ), the volume of salt (even the kosher for Passover ones), and the exact amount of salt for cooking. Great!

Salt Kosher For Passover is a must have for any Passover chef, or a kosher food fanatic like me. It contains hundreds of Kosher for Passover recipes, how-tos, recipe ideas, and whole-hog cookbooks.

There are even recipes for kosher salt for those who are gluten intolerant. The book was so exciting that I am afraid I would not be able to finish it all.

I am a non-Kosher person, but for Kosher holidays, I needed a book on kosher salt to make delicious kosher salt for my food. I purchased this Kosher for Passover cookbook for the first time and was so pleased I bought the other books as well.

I will definitely purchase this book again. My kids and husband would like it so much that they ask for it often. They both enjoy salt kosher for Passover recipes.

Salt Kosher For Passover by Anthony Bourdain, is a must have for any Kosher holiday enthusiast. Its filled with kosher recipes, how-tos, recipe ideas, and whole-hog cookbooks.

Any non-kosher cook will find this to be a treasure. I also purchased Salt Kosher For Passover 2nd Edition, because I needed to keep the recipe book to myself. It still has many recipes that I use on a regular basis.

Im very pleased with the information in this cookbook, which includes recipes for Salts Worldwide. You will also find fabulous kosher for Passover recipes, step-by-step guides, and the recipe book that I use the most.

I just love Salt Kosher For Passover. Even though I am not a non-kosher person, I still use this book because it is so easy to follow, and so helpful.