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Its Worth It To Pay More For Real Truffle Salt

Is it worth it to pay more for real truffles? I will answer that question in a few short paragraphs. After reading this article, you will be in a better position to make the decision. Please dont let the price tag fool you.

First of all, the price tag is nice, but not a deciding factor when buying truffles. If youre going to buy one and not eat it right away, how much is that worth? Well, for me, its worth more than if I buy the Costco box. Now, I also understand that it isnt about the cost. Its more about whether you want to eat it or not.

Its easy to get real salts worldwide. Everything is available online. In fact, I dont know of any store that doesnt have what they sell anywhere. I only buy here because thats the best place to buy them.

So whats wrong with salts worldwide? Ill tell you what. If youre interested in the ultimate truffle experience, the best is in the hills of Italy.

If you want to go into truffle salt production, its the best way to do it. There are some great factories in the hills that produce the best and most authentic salted truffles. In fact, even seasoned gourmets flock to the hills each year.

For example, the Piedmont has been producing great quality for many years. Its where all the best truffles come from. The hills there are all around the house, so you can walk through them and taste and see the different flavor.

The real truffle salt factory in Piedmont produces almost 400 types of salt. You can visit these places, eat the best salted truffles, and talk to the staff about the company and the history.

Of course, I dont visit the salted truffles anywhere else. There are a few places around the world that do it, but I want the real thing. Plus, they just arent as good as the ones in the hills of Italy. All that is a very small price to pay for the ultimate experience.

Real truffle salt is made by hand in Italy, New Zealand, and many other countries. Its been around for centuries and is made with very high quality ingredients. You wont find some inferior powder here.

Although I love the real truffle salt, Ive never tried anything else. A little different taste, but thats about it. The taste itself makes up for the different taste. Its much better than many of the artificial salts that people use, anyway.

For me, its worth it to pay more for real salt and enjoy the taste and experience. I would say that you should just buy real truffle salt.