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No Kosher Salt – Truths and Misconceptions

No kosher salt or No kosher table salt is a misconception. Kosher table salt does not refer to the salt that is used in the table salt in the kosher diet. No kosher table salt or Kosher salt is nothing but table salt, which has been clarified and diluted, without any additives, that contains no salt which has been obtained from the sea.

Salt is the bodys most important and most varied of substances. Its main uses are for maintaining hydration and it is known as the sole fuel source for many bodily processes. Therefore, salt is therefore very important and plays a very crucial role in our lives. In a healthy body, the salts must be kept balanced and fresh.

When sodium chloride is applied to the body, it causes adverse effects. The results are excessive thirst, an upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, and mood swings. The sodium levels in the blood are above the normal range and high salt can prove fatal. High salt can lead to problems with kidney and cardiovascular systems. The blood carries too much sodium for normal functions and becomes clogged with excess salts.

Experts advise that one must be mindful of the diet and avoid frequent dieters of processed foods, salt-laced meals, and junk food. Thus, the daily intake of salt should be kept under strict control. If salt intake is in moderation, it will ensure that the bodys natural salt balance remains intact.

While the thought of no kosher salt might sound preposterous, there are people who still believe in its existence and use it in their homes for culinary purposes. But this is not the case with some other people, who want to make a personal statement about the health-conscious approach they have adopted, whether it be by choosing their own dietary habits or by preserving the purity of the dietary regime.

Moreover, there are those who encourage the use of kosher salt as a way of influencing others towards the vegan or vegetarian diet, despite the fact that they are not followers of these two dieting principles. Such people are called No Kosher Salt Agents or the Kosher Salt Chefs.

Unlike salt, which must be naturally replenished through the natural process of evaporation, the salts in the market are extracted through a chemical process. This includes dextrose, refined cane sugar, sodium nitrate, potassium iodate, and other chemicals. As they are sold under a variety of different names, the consumer must take the precaution of understanding the origins of the salt and where it came from. In general, no kosher salt products are used for cooking purposes.

No kosher salt is available only at store fronts and in some restaurants. But the growing popularity of organic foods and the availability of no-rinse cooking methods have made them accessible at home for all.

They are consumed for the same reasons as any other salt – they preserve and maintain the natural salt levels, and assist in proper absorption of the vitamins and minerals. No kosher salt products come in various forms: distilled, purified, granular, as table salt, and as regular table salt.

It is not necessary to carry around a container of kosher salt around; any product containing no salt is enough for the purpose. This makes it a good and convenient solution for those who wish to use salt sparingly or who do not want to pay a fortune for brand-name table salt.

Organic kosher salt is readily available at supermarket counters and in health food stores, while traditional table salt and regular table salt came from some distributors or manufacturers. Although kosher salt is available online, the best quality products are found at health food stores, grocery and specialty stores. Some distributors also sell free trial jars of these salts for people who try them first.