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Why Choose Minerva Dead Sea Salt?

We recently discussed Salts Worldwide, a company that manufactures and sells health and beauty products using only the best natural ingredients, which makes it different from most other companies. In this article we will take a closer look at Minerva Dead Sea Salt, one of their best selling products.

What is Minerva Dead Sea Salt? It is natural salt extracted from the Dead Sea region of Israel and contains an array of active minerals and nutrients, including:

Though Minerva Dead Sea Salt can be purchased in liquid form, or as a powder, it is usually added to other products such as salad dressings and soaps to help increase their value. I have had a personal experience with it:

I use Salts Worldwides Maysun Rub with a touch of Minerva Dead Sea Salt when making salads. This combination makes a very potent, creamy dressing that is able to mask my husbands inability to taste any sort of garlic taste, or his extreme dislike for anything spicy. Though I dont usually eat garlic, this keeps me from avoiding the spice entirely!

For me, this product was a welcome relief when I discovered that I could get a tablet form of some of the nutrients in Minerva Dead Sea Salt. At the time, I used the tablets once a day, but I was surprised to find that after a few months I was able to use the tablets three times a day.

One reason why this product is so effective is because it has minerals that are much more powerful than the ones found in regular table salt. They include:

One of the most important things about Minerva Dead Sea Salt is that it is far superior to what is currently available in the market. People often assume that table salt has the same mineral and nutrient composition as sea salt. They often confuse these two salts and think that you can replace either one with the other, because they look similar.

Sea salt comes from an ocean and has been refined several times to remove impurities and improve its mineral and nutrient quality. As far as I know, this salt is truly the purest form of salt on the planet, since the product of refining salt to eliminate any impurities has already been removed.

The actual Dead Sea region of Israel has been used for centuries by a number of people to treat a variety of ailments, including treating a number of illnesses, and the water contains a wide variety of minerals that are highly beneficial. It is therefore no surprise that more people are turning to this product for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

When you make your purchase of Minerva Dead Sea Salt, I recommend getting a bag of the powdered form because the tablet versions are sometimes too hard to mix. Mixing the powder is easy, and when you add it to other recipes, the end result is an amazing mixture that is definitely going to please you!

I recently had the opportunity to visit the location where Minerva Dead Sea Salt is produced, and I was very impressed with the cleanliness and how healthy the environment is. I am hopeful that the company will continue to expand and start to produce other products that are even better.

I really love the way that I can buy Minerva Dead Sea Salt in liquid form, and its probably going to be my primary source of daily supplements for a long time to come. I really appreciate the fact that they have worked hard to ensure that the minerals and nutrients in this product are natural and effective.