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Due to the nature of online ordering and shipping of gems they recommend that you order your Lakshmi Red at least two weeks in advance. You should order it when the stock is low. The shipment usually takes about three weeks. Information About Lakshmi Red

Lakshmi Red is a popular Himalayan Red ruby. It is a deep reddish brown and has some very fine and lustrous veins.

The highest quality is in color, which will show the maximum color of any color. The veins are very fine and well defined, which is unusual for a ruby.

Due to this cuteness, it also has a very fine line of veins and the surface of the stone is very smooth. It has been created to produce the highest quality of red ruby.

The color is created by the purple orange pigment which is dyed by heat to give the most intense color possible. The pigment will not be visible on a Lakshmi Red due to the fact that it is so deep.

Bleaching is used to make the coloring more intense. The result is a rare deep color with a deep velvet like appearance. These stones have a great look, which makes them beautiful.

Like all the other rubys the main difference is in the color. The preciousness is not the same, as they are different. They have different qualities and different prices depending on the quality.

There is a wide range of colors from light pink to vivid, deep reds. It can be cut into round, oval, or heart shape. It can be cut as a synthetic gemstone, or as a natural stone.

There is a wide range of price to pay for a quality. It can range from very inexpensive to extremely expensive. Since the price depends on the quality, it is important to know what you are getting before paying.

Salts Worldwide sells them in the US and Canada, however they are difficult to find in other countries. There are a few manufacturers that have limited availability in gemstone settings.

Buying Salts Worldwide from one of these companies is probably the best option. The gems are shipped in large boxes and the shipping is free.

Since Salts Worldwide is an online company, they are offering free shipping as part of their sale. However, you must enter your address in a secure area. The company will then ship your gemstone to you for a nominal fee.