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Is Healthy Iodized Salt Really Safe to Eat?

You may have heard about the healthy benefits of Iodized Salt, perhaps from the very common newspaper advertisements that read: Salt-free vegetable bouillon adds nutrition to your diet! While you can add a good amount of nutrition to a low-fat diet, using salt for your main source of salt is an absolutely horrible idea.

It is highly recommended by doctors, nutritionists and homeopathic doctors that you get the salt out of your diet. There are some folks who will argue that it is important for your health to have low sodium levels, but there is no science behind this. The amount of sodium in a typical American diet is ten times higher than the natural levels in sea water!

Sodium is an essential mineral for healthy living. It plays an important role in helping with digestion, nerve transmission, and the production of hormones, and more. As such, doctors believe that if you reduce your salt intake by just one teaspoon per day, you can significantly improve your health!

So if it is so great for you, why do we keep adding salt to our food? Its all the money that we are paying for processed food. Plain old table salt contains only traces of potassium and sodium – it doesnt contain sodium or potassium!

Thats the reason why iodized salt, which was introduced in 1948, is so useful. This is the first grade of salt that has been certified as containing all the essential trace minerals, and it is still used today because it is very expensive and people simply cannot live without it.

You can buy it in virtually every country around the world, including those countries that sell iodized salt, but there are some salts worldwide that do not contain any iodized salt. The Salts Worldwide website states, This certification is vital to ensure that the salt you use is the best.

The best salt may be salts worldwide but the United States government has some regulations regarding what can and cannot be called iodized salt. As such, you should never use this type of salt in your household and you should always be sure to use actual salt, not iodized salt.

You might find that using this type of salt in your recipes will prove to be a great alternative to regular table salt. Here are a few simple ways to get more salt into your diet without shelling out a fortune!

This one is so easy, you may forget its a condiment for your favorite salad dressing. It is simply a combination of salt and olive oil. You will need to use about three to four tablespoons of oil for every one teaspoon of salt you put in.

If you have a cast iron skillet or another pot that can be placed over medium heat, then you can rub roast beef with salt and pepper. When it is browned, you simply flip it over. Continue cooking the beef until it is falling off the bone, or to your liking.

Another great thing about using salt for cooking is that you dont have to add any spices or anything to the meat at all. For me, the greatest benefit is the taste and the versatility.

And it is important to remember that you are never too busy to cut back on the excess sodium that is added to the foods you eat each day. By choosing a variety of herbs, vegetables and fruits, you can begin to see positive changes in your health.