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Dead Sea Foot Scrub – Is the First to Discover the Benefits

The dead sea foot scrub is so aptly named because it is used to scrub the feet in the absence of the bathing suit. It is known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It was discovered during a field trip by early scientists who had taken notice of the incredible claims that the various sea creatures were making about the properties of the scouring agents they used. At first, it was considered an unorthodox method of hygiene but the results were so remarkable that it has been carried out as a method of regular bathing with some changes.

There are various scouring agents available in the sea water that can provide an effective scrubbing action but these particular agents do not perform well when used with sea water. The dead sea foot scrub is preferred because it does not contain the sea water as a solvent.

The sea water is generally mixed with a detergent or a surfactant agent so that it performs as well as it can in removing the dirt and other particles. These detergents or surfactants allow the various bacteria and debris to cling on to the surface of the water.

The dead sea foot scrub utilizes the sea water in such a way that it is completely free from this type of contamination. This makes it more effective.

It should be remembered that the sea water is used for washing and cleaning and it is useful to use with the sea water so that it is more effective. Many of the top shampoos and cleansers contain sea water as a solvent, which reduces the effectiveness of the product.

The sea water contains ionic cleansing agents that enhance the effectiveness of the sea water scrub. The sea water removes the residues of various detergents, stain removing and makeup removers and provides a cleaning experience that is perfect for use with bathing suits.

The concentration of the sea water required for the scrubbing action will depend on the size of the scrubber. It would be advisable to purchase a small scrubber in order to begin with as the scrubber is then put to use for bathing.

The dead sea foot scrub should never be used with water that is too hot as this will not only weaken the scrubber but it will also reduce the effect of the scrubber as the water becomes cool to the touch. The water should be allowed to warm up gradually.

There are several brands of scrubs and foot treatments which include sea water but some may be effective, but they will not be as effective as a dead sea foot scrub. It is recommended that you use a brand that includes the sea water.

Also, there are products which do not contain sea water but use soap as a scrubbing agent. These products are less effective and you should use these products as a last resort.

Dead sea water foot scrub is a good alternative to regular baths because of its disinfecting properties. It provides a smoothness and hygienic feel to the skin that many of us crave.