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Himalayan Salt Lamp – A Wonder Of Design And Fashion

The Indian Jewellery and Design Industry have produced a wide range of jewellery, popularly called the Himalayan Salt Lamp. This unique form of jewellery originated in Kashmir, Pakistan and India and has spread its influence all over the world.

The Himalayan Salt Lamp is nothing but a salt bowl where a crystal salt crystal has been coated with shells and pearls. In most cases, the original salt bowl has been hand blown by master craftsmen.

Among the different types of Himalayan salt lamps, there are only two that have ever been manufactured commercially and this is the earthen lamp and the natural crystal salt lamp. These are the standard types of salt lamps used for years.

While the earthen lamp represents the main variety of Himalayan salt lamps, the natural crystal salt lamp is the more rare variety. It is found in countries like Nepal, India, China, Australia and Indonesia. In the Himalayan region, there are many villages where you can find the famous Nepal-made salt lamp.

People love to collect these lamps as they possess a quality that cannot be matched by any other variety of salt lamp. The Himalayan salt lamp and the natural crystal salt lamp do not react to the usual elements.

The Himalayan salt lamp is best for those who love designer jewellery and have been longing for the similar type of jewellery since the beginning of time. These lamps have gained immense popularity and demand from customers across the globe because of the special features that they possess.

These lamps possess an extremely unique combination of the most precious stones available in the market. They are perfect in all respects and have been ideal for jewellery design and fashion.

On the other hand, the natural crystal salt lamp is a simple salt crystal lamp with crystals all around it. These salt crystals are arranged in a pattern such that there is no visible resemblance to a glass crystal bowl.

These lamps do not give the feel of being inside a salt-mineral salt bowl because they blend perfectly with the design of the room. Therefore, these lamps are ideal for homes as well as offices.

They come in the form of easy to assemble kits that include all the materials and tools required for the assembly of such lamps. The fittings for the lamps are included in the kit too and this helps to cut down on the learning curve required to assemble these lamps.

It can be said that the Himalayan salt lamp is no longer an exclusive commodity and there are more varieties available in the market. No wonder these lamps have reached out of the limits of their roots and have become part of the furniture of the modern era.