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Himalayan rock salt is used for cookware, clothing, furniture, tools, toys, and as a beautiful accent on sculptures. This salt is unique as it has the highest concentration of the mineral strontium in the world.

Even though this salt comes from all over the world, it is still considered to be the most expensive of the salts worldwide. It costs more than gold or silver salts.

In ancient times, the mountain ranges in Tibet were used to mine salt. The minerals of rock salt were discovered there. Over time, this mineral in high temperatures was being shaped into many different forms.

Himalayan rock salt was the first mineral that many people were able to purchase because it is so rare. This type of salt is available at your local spice and cooking store. However, if you cannot find a store near you, it can be ordered online.

Most online salt suppliers are based in India. They buy their salt from salt mines in the Himalayas. Himalayan rock salt is also known as hypo-geum, heavens sunshine, rubia, rhumi and rasna.

Like all other types of salt, Himalayan rock salt comes in different varieties. It comes in two basic grades; absolute and table.

Absolute rock salt is mined directly from the rock. It comes in a white or amber color. It has the highest concentration of the mineral strontium.

Table grade of Himalayan rock salt is made from the less pure stone. It comes in shades of brown. It has higher concentrations of the mineral strontium. It is used as a cooking salt, but can also be used in decorating.

Himalayan rocks worldwide are very hard. This mineral helps keep the sea water at the high altitudes of the Himalayas.

Himalayan rock salt is considered one of the most beautiful types of salt available. This crystal-clear mineral can add a nice shimmer to any decoration. It is non-toxic, but can cause side effects when inhaled.

Himalayan rock salt is a fascinating source of magnesium. It is used to add a lovely glimmer to lamps. Some high-end lamps contain this mineral.

It is not possible to buy Himalayan rock salt all over the world. In fact, you can only buy it from salt mines in the Himalayas. Himalayan rock salt is naturally produced, and you can find it in many different forms.